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Groom shoes: a guide to making the perfect choice!

Groom shoes: a guide to making the perfect choice!

We know, the bride tends to catalyze all the attention of the day on herself and her dress. But the groom, too, wants his part with a look that is taken care of down to the smallest detail: the focus is on the suit, but groom accessories must also be meticulously chosen, without neglecting any element, first and foremost the shoes. The accessories should be perfectly coordinated with the suit. The question is, therefore, a must: how to choose the right groom shoes? 

Pay attention to the model

The choice is between three models: the Oxford, Derby or the loafer shoe. Three models all very elegant, but at the same time characterized by a different style and look.

The Oxford is undoubtedly the most refined choice, for the classy man. It is the formal shoe par excellence and is perfect when paired with a tailored tight or suit. To be chosen plain or in a cap toe cut version, this model is distinguished by its closed lacing.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, open lacing is the number one feature of the Derby shoe, for the man who seeks a more sporty and informal look, while still remaining very elegant.

Finally, the loafer: perfect for the more glamorous groom who looks at trends. This is definitely the model that allows more experimentation in terms of materials, colors and embroidery. Space, therefore, to fine leathers or jacquard fabrics for the man who wants to leave his mark.

Colors and materials: the most classic choices

Black and blue represent the most basic shades from which to choose one's groom shoe without going wrong, to be carefully matched to the nuance of the ceremony suit. Tone-on-tone looks are certainly very elegant, but contrast is also welcome if designed harmoniously. The sock should be the same color as the shoe, except for the more whimsical brides and grooms who may venture with a colorful or patterned choice.

The most elegant material is patent leather with a shiny effect, perfect for evening and very formal weddings. Alternatively, for an always traditional look, the groom can go for a brushed calfskin shoe with a leather bottom.

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